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October 2018

Winbourne Consulting has been selected by Irvine, CA to provide program management and subject matter......

October 2018

Winbourne Consulting is assisting Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads region in preparing.....

October 2018

Lisa Madden, Vice President of Vice President, NG911, FirstNet will be attending the iCERT Annual meeting on Oct 5th.....

October 2018

Julie Heimkes, Winbourne Consulting LLC, was elected to the APCO International Editorial Committee for the 2018-2019.....

October 2018

Zdravko Zdravkov, Southeast Asia Director, Winbourne Consulting, recently spoke at an Investment Forum.....

September 2018

Winbourne Consulting would like to thank all of the many attendees who stopped by our booth to say hello......

November 2016

Winbourne Consulting is assisting the City of Upland, CA in assessing options to improve their PSAP and CAD system operations and potentially achieve reduced operating costs.


Our responsibilities include performing a detailed needs assessment of the alignment of their strategic operational priorities and current technology to determine possible available options, to include procure a new CAD system via the standard RFP process; procure a new CAD system by leveraging another contract options; outsource PSAP operations; or merge PSAP operations with an allied agency and share costs. As part of the assessment we will perform a cost assessment, develop estimated timelines, and resources impact.


November 2016

Winbourne Consulting is assisting the City of Virginia Beach, VA in replacing their legacy Fire RMS application.


Our responsibilities include documenting and validating associated business requirements and specifications, and developing organizational operational business processes models and process flow diagrams. We will also assist the City in procuring a new Fire RMS system, to include evaluation and vendor negotiations support. Finally, we will assist the City in implementing the selected system by providing program management and business analysis assistance to the installation, configuration, test, training and go-live phases of the project.


October 2016

The San Diego Harbor Police Department (HPD) has engaged Winbourne Consulting to conduct a SWOT Analysis/Needs Assessment of HPD’s Public Safety IT and Systems Integration status and development of a Public Safety IT Strategic Plan. The SWOT analysis is being developed in preparation for acquiring a new CAD/Mobile system.



October 2016

Winbourne Consulting is providing Washtenaw County, MI Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) requirements identification as well as the preparation and publication of the RFP for these products.




October 2016

Winbourne Consulting is assisting Corona, CA in replacing its CAD/RMS system.


As part of this project, Winbourne will perform a needs assessment of the City’s public safety operations and technology, and develop technical specifications and operational requirements for an integrated suite of public safety applications. We will also develop a detailed Statement of Work and turnkey Request for proposals, and assist the City in the vendor selection process. We will also assist Corona in vendor negotiations and award.


September 2016

The Waco, Texas Police Department (WPD) has engaged Winbourne Consulting LLC to provide Police Body Worn Video consulting services.


Our tasks include the following:

  • Prepare a Body Worn Camera (BWC) system best practices presentation.
  • Facilitate WPD workgroup sessions to develop an overall WPD BWC Master Plan.
  • Assist the City of Waco in developing a Request for Information (RFI) for a BWC system.


September 2016

Winbourne Consulting has expanded our services to the Washington, DC Office of Unified Communications (OUC) to include a 9-1-1 Funding Analysis study.


We have been asked to assess the current level of 9-1-1 funding based on the last three (3) years, determine any trends of remittances, the amount of connections gained or lost over the past three years, and a detailed report of any discrepancies found on behalf of the carriers. The Winbourne Consulting team will also provide a full prepaid wireless report determining the current rate effect and its impact on the fund, and evaluate other 9-1-1 funding models for the OUC, including potential legislative reform. This project is expected to extend into early 2017.


September 2016

Winbourne Consulting, LLC is assisting Montgomery County, MD, through the SC&H Group, to conduct an Assessment of the 9-1-1 Consolidated Emergency Communications Center Transition Plan.


Our assignment is to assist the County to identify any major risks that would need to be addressed to ensure the success of the consolidation underway and to propose any adjustments to the schedule and planned actions.


August 2016

Winbourne Supports Afghan UHF Trunking Network


Winbourne Consulting announced it is supporting the GTECH global team in capture management of the operations and management of the Kabul, Afghanistan, UHF radio trunking system. The EF Johnson Technologies radio system is used by the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MOI) in the Kabul region and in the city


The radio system supports the information communications technology (ICT) Afghan National Police (ANP) and the MOI communications architecture, providing a secure means from which to support other C2 systems that support Kabul access network discovery and selection function (ANDSF) structures.


March 2016

WEBINAR • Body Worn Cameras—Are you ready?

How First Responders and Control Room Staff Can Manage the Expanding Use of this Public Safety Tool


Download the recording here!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016 • 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Eastern US Time


This webinar will provide attendees with an overview of trends and matters of importance regarding the adoption and use of body worn cameras for public safety and law enforcement. The presentations have been designed to provide insights for emergency response professionals, through the examination of burgeoning functionalities as well as operational impacts, while moving these issues into the larger conversation of technology use and development for critical communications and public accountability.


Key Points:

  • public opinion is a strong driver for adoption of body worn cameras, particularly in the wake of several recent high profile police community interactions, injuries and, tragically, loss of life
  • a series of financial and operational considerations must also come into play when determining how to deploy these systems, in addition to the cost of the cameras: staffing, data storage, governance, equipment maintenance, evidence processing, and training resources



Sgt. Dan Gomez

Los Angeles Police Department

Officer in Charge, Tactical Technology Section


Kim English

Director of Research

Colorado Department of Public Safety


Tom Maureau

Director - Public Safety Operations

Winbourne Consulting LLC


Moderated by iCERT Executive Director, George Rice.


January 2016

City of Santa AnaThe City of Santa Ana, CA has hired Winbourne Consulting to oversee the initial phase of project management and implementation of the integrated software project involving Tri Tech computer-aided dispatch (“CAD”) and records management system (“RMS”) software and the purchase of new mobile data (“MDC”) terminals that will use the new integrated software once implemented.


January 2016

Winbourne Consulting City of Bossier City LouisianaCity of Bossier, Louisiana has engaged Winbourne Consulting to assist them in the acquisition of the new Public Safety system that includes CAD, RMS, Mobile and JMS applications. Winbourne Consulting will perform the following tasks as part of the contract.

  • Objective gap analysis report comparing the current state system to future state expectations
  • Findings and recommendations concerning the implementation of a CAD/RMS/Mobile/JMS system
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis of all applicable options
  • Assist the City of Bossier in completing and publishing an RFP for a new CAD/RMS/Mobile/JMS system
  • Assist the City of Bossier with the evaluation and scoring all responses to the CAD/RMS RFP
  • Work with the City of Bossier project team develop a scripted demonstration and scoring process for the top two CAD/RMS/Mobile/JMS vendors
  • Assist the City of Bossier with the scripted demonstrations process
  • Assist the City of Bossier with contract negotiations for the selected CAD/RMS/Mobile/JMS vendor


Winbourne Consulting has received a follow-on project with the Southern Michigan PSAP Alliance to continue assisting this regional group of Counties by developing the requirements and specifications for a NG9-1-1 telephony system. This new contract follows the Phase One Report that Winbourne provided the Alliance in November which detailed the issues that the the participating counties were facing in their current telephony environments. We are excited to stay involved in this important project that will improve the 911 call capabilities for the participating counties.



Winbourne Consulting provides technology and management consulting services to help government agencies and private sector corporations accomplish their goals. We work on technology, business and operational issues, identify problem areas, and partner with our clients to plan and implement effective solutions.



Ada County, Idaho has selected Winbourne Consulting to provide Project Management Implementation Services...


The City of Los Angeles has awarded Winbourne Consulting the contract to develop the RFP for a CAD to CAD...


Arlington County, Virginia has chosen Winbourne Consulting to assist them in developing a blueprint for migration...


The State of New Jersey has awarded Winbourne Consulting a contract to perform an analysis of...



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