March 2016 Newsletter

March 2016

Winbourne Consulting offers a full range of public safety services, including strategic planning, systems integration, specifications development, solution acquisition, and implementation project management and quality assurance.

Our Areas of Expertise encompass all segments of Public Safety, including:

  • PSAP Consolidation
  • NextGen/911 Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Public Safety Communications and Telephony
  • Public Safety Applications and Systems Requirements and Implementation Support
  • Mission Critical Facilities Design and Fit-Out
  • 311 Call Centers and Implementation
  • PSAP Staffing and Operations Analysis

Our Clients include city, county, state, and federal agencies located throughout the United States and the world, as well as countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.


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Notes from the Public Safety Industry

Who is iCERT?

The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) represents the voice of the commercial sector in the emergency communications industry, providing member organizations a collective forum to advance emergency response solutions while working cooperatively with public sector leaders. Winbourne Consulting is proud to have been an iCERT member (and former 9-1-1 Industry Alliance (9IA) member) for many years. Other prominent public safety companies including Verizon, AT&T, Hexagon (formerly Intergraph) and West (formerly Intrado are also members of this public safety-focused organization. iCERT is an organization that is constantly growing and its 38th (and latest) member is SecuLore Solutions, LLC, which provides cybersecurity data protection. A listing of all the iCERT members can be found on their website:


Industry Council for Emergency Response TechnologiesiCERT has undertaken many initiatives affecting the public safety industry including conducting critical research on the status of 911 funding, educating both public and private sector stakeholders on the latest technology and market issues affecting public safety, and providing advocacy on important public policy matters before Congress and the FCC. Some recent initiatives include: a webinar on the results of the Critical Funding Issues Study for NG911; a forum for cybersecurity issues; a study on the current status of NG911 in the nation; and a webinar on Body Worn Camera solutions.


Listed below are some of the initiatives that iCERT is currently sponsoring:


NG911NOW Coalition

The NG911 Now Coalition comprises the nation’s leading 911 associations, i.e., the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA), along with iCERT, and working in cooperation with the NG9-1-1 Institute and experts in government and academia. This group is promoting the accelerated implementation of NG911 throughout the nation. The stated goal of the coalition is: “By the end of the year 2020, all 911 systems and centers in all 56 states and territories will have sufficiently funded, standards-based, end-to-end, IP-based 911 capabilities, and will have retired legacy 911 systems, without any degradation in service to the public.” The NG911 NOW Coalition is working to address the funding, technical, policy and legislative challenges that have stalled more rapid NG911 implementation. Subgroups have been formed in these areas, with iCERT providing leadership and resources from its member companies to assist in all areas.


NG911 NOW CoalitionEmergency Response Technology Leadership Forum

iCERT and the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute are jointly sponsoring a technology forum, to discuss innovative approaches and solutions for challenges associated with 21st century policing technologies and related practices. IJIS is a non-profit, independent organization with over 100 member companies providing technology-related solutions to public safety, law enforcement, justice, and homeland security entities. Part of the forum will include a panel addressing future innovations for public safety technologies. iCERT’s Executive Director, Mr. George Rice, will serve as the moderator. In addition, this forum will cover topics such as:


  • Emergency calling in an IP-based world.
  • Cyber security for NG911 and public safety.
  • Interoperability and incident data sharing; and
  • Burgeoning technologies


The dates of the forum are April 18th – 20th and will take place in Silver Spring, MD. For more information visit:


Governance and Accountability – Improving 911 Reliability

iCERT has worked closely with other public safety stakeholders, including NENA and NASNA, to produce a Governance and Accountability plan which has been submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in January 2016. The plan includes recommendations to promote reliable and resilient 9-1-1 service during the transition to NG9-1-1 technology. This document acknowledges the challenges that public safety agencies will face as they transitioning to NG9-1-1 and makes specific recommendations on how to address these issues. The full report is available at this link:


Winbourne Consulting is pleased to be an actively participating member of iCERT and is looking forward to continued participation in future ICERT programs that foster key advances within the Public Safety Community.


Winbourne Happenings


Industry Council for Emergency Response TechnologiesWinbourne Consulting Recently Participated in an iCert Webinar Titled “Body-Worn Cameras—Are You Ready?”



  • Sgt. Dan Gomez, Los Angeles Police Department Officer in Charge, Tactical Technology Section
  • Kim English, Director of Research Colorado Department of Public Safety
  • Tom Maureau, Director - Public Safety Operations Winbourne Consulting LLC


Moderated by iCERT Executive Director, George Rice


To view a recording of this seminar Click Here or use this link:



CDPS: Colorado Department of Public SafetyWinbourne Consulting has assisted the Colorado Department of Public Safety with the completion of their report on “Recommendations Regarding Body-Worn Camera Policies in Colorado. “

This report was prepared for the Judiciary Committees of the Senate and House of Representatives. A full copy of the report can be viewed at:



Winbourne Consulting assisted the Southern Michigan PSAP Alliance with the release of their Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).



Winbourne Consulting provides Subject Matter Expertise for the NG911 network implementation team bringing improved mapping capabilities to Connecticut PSAPs.

The State of Connecticut is in the midst of an upgrade from their legacy 911 system to a NG911 system utilizing an ESInet, running on the State’s Public Safety Broadband Network, and a new NG911 call taker solution. In a recent conversation with a PSAP that is utilizing the new NG911 system, it is clear that, from the call taker perspective, the new mapping system is a big hit! According to one experienced call taker, the caller’s location is now more “defined” as a result of a combination of two enhancements: 1) The State of Connecticut’s Geographic Information System (GIS) office has provided better mapping tools, upgraded from previously identifying only a property centerline location, to more detailed property information now, such as front door or driveway coordinates. 2) The mapping software now has the ability to utilize multi-layered data sets, including the oblique angles provided by Pictometry. A call taker is now better equipped to locate a caller lost in a nearby state park, even if the call taker doesn’t know exactly where they are.


Articles of Interest


IWCEAT&T announces plan to deploy nationwide ESInet to support PSAPs’ transition to NG911

AT&T has announced its plan to deploy a nationwide Emergency Services IP network that meets the core networking standards that public-safety answering points must have to transition to next-generation 911 that will enable text, data, video and photo communications, as well as emergency voice calls.


AT&T announces plan to deploy nationwide ESInet to support PSAPs’ transition to NG911



112 Will Be India’s National Emergency Number

India has decided to adopt '112' as the national emergency number, similar to '911' in the US and '999' in the UK, with the inter-ministerial telecom commission giving a go-ahead to the move.



NENA NG9-1-1NENA “NG9-1-1” Data Management Requirements

NENA NG9-1-1 Data Management Requirements, NENA-REQ-002.1-2016 defines discrepancy report and the performance reports associated with processes within the Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) system. The intent of the document is to provide 9-1-1 Authorities, vendors, Communication Service Providers (CSP), and other interested parties with guidelines for communicating issues or status of various elements within the system. The components of the document are Discrepancy Report Requirements and Performance Statistic Report Requirements.



Cyber Threats to PSAP Increase as IP and Broadband Public Safety Networks Loom

While IP-based public safety networks, such as FirstNet and NG9-1-1, promise to deliver mountains of data to aid responders in faster, more efficient responses, they also introduce equally large threats never before seen in the PSAP environment.